Geometry | Common Core Math Tutoring

Geometry | Common Core Math Tutoring

Unlike in your child’s earlier math classes, Geometry students are required to do independent work in addition to and beyond what the teacher puts on the board, gives as notes, or discusses in class. Dozens and dozens of theorems and postulates are introduced. These are like the building blocks of grammar we use when learning a language: If students don’t memorize them as they are introduced, clearly grasp their meaning, and understand how they’re used, they can quickly become lost.

studying-1Organizational skills and step-wise problem-solving techniques are of great importance in Geometry, and must be practiced and refined. I have extensive experience helping students learn to understand Geometry, guiding them to see that unruly maze of postulates and theorems as a clear road map. We also spend time developing logic skills and practicing the techniques involved in completing proofs.

Successful problem-solving strategies usually boil down to a few simple things:

  • What is the actual question being asked?
  • What information is given?
  • How do we apply that information to the given problem?
  • How do we solve that problem in an organized stepwise fashion?

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