Our family is very grateful to Darryl.  My son was in great danger of having to repeat his Algebra II class.  My son only had a short window of bringing up his grade from a D and at the end of the year, his grade improved to a B thanks to Darryl’s tutoring.  Darryl always made himself available and communicated his availability at all times especially when it came down to the finals at the end of the year.  He took great care and was so encouraging to my son.  He has a great way of communicating with the kids with patience and encouragement.  We highly recommend Darryl for tutoring and his rates are reasonable.  Darryl is also a very talented musician.  We are so glad to have met Darryl.

Kathleen C. – 6/17/2015


We found Darryl through a reference from our school.  My son was a freshman at the time and struggling with Geometry. When I called Darryl, he immediately returned my call and offered kind words of encouragement.  The following day he came to help my son and both of us were so relieved and very thankful for his promptness.  My son has ADHD and it’s difficult for him to focus but Darryl has a calm, and patient way of teaching the material.  Needless to say, Darryl helped him pass his class with a B and then the following year, we had him for Algebra.  My other son is now a freshman and is working on integrated math.  We contacted Darryl and he methodically helped my son to process the material at hand.  The school year is now over and he got an A in the class!  My boys enjoy working with him.  He is very responsive and always finds a way to accommodate your schedule.

Wada – 6/15/2015


We are so grateful that we found Darryl!  I first contacted him at the very end of the 2013-2014 school year.  My son was a freshman in HS and was struggling in Geometry.  He was in danger of having to repeat the class.  We only had a few weeks to turn the situation around.  Darryl was wonderful.  He went out of his way to make himself available for whatever help our son needed.  In just a few short weeks, we got his grade up from a high D to a low B.  Moving on to Algebra II in the 2014-2015 school year,  Darryl was with us all year long.   He is an excellent tutor and takes great care to be available for extra sessions to prep for exams.  Math does continue to be a challenge, but with Darryl’s help our son again finished out his course with a solid B grade.  Darryl’s rates are reasonable and it is clear he really cares about helping his students.  I recommend him highly!

Alden R. – 6/15/2015


Darryl has worked with my son who is a high school student and my daughter who is a middle school student in all levels of Algebra and Geometry over the last few years. I even had him spend a summer month in 2013 preparing my son for the upcoming high school year with an introduction to Geometry, which was unbelievably helpful! It is always a testament to a tutors ability when your child actually comes home from school and says “Mom, you need to get Darryl over here ASAP” “I am not understanding the math I learned in school today”!! Thanks Darry :)

Noelle S. – 1/8/2015


We love Darryl ! Rarely does a find come along like Darryl. He is much more than an adept tutor with all the necessary academic qualifications…he took our daughter through all required years of High School math. His approach was first of all to genuinely care, then to listen, to assess and then to impart the knowledge in a way that allowed our daughter to fully accomplish all that was required of her. Thank you Darryl!

Jay W. – 1/1/2015


Darryl is an amazing tutor who is extremely knowledgeable, patient and has been an amazing tutor for our high school son in both geometry and algebra. He is truly passionate about his teachings and is able to explain concepts in a way that my son was able to understand. He is good about reinforcing the material studied and ensures the student understands and is ready for up coming tests and quizzes. I strongly recommend Darryl for anyone needing assistance with their math.

T.S. – 1/14/2015